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Hotpot and Doddsline Lancashire Heelers

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Lancashire Heeler with Puppy 9T026D-038







14th December

Repeat mating
Simonsville Tazmin by Doddsline

Doddsline Pete

23rd December

Doddsline Doris

Doddsline Cracer

29th December

Telpoolwyn Itneen

Doddsline Arnold




3rd January

Hotpot Little Madam

Doddsline Arnold

13th January

Hotpot Pretty Nikki

Doddsline Cracer

25th May

Hotpot Twinkle Little Star

Ch Doddsline Kristen




7th February

Doddsline Peggy

Mongrel’s Outlaw Oliver

11th March

Hotpot Little Madam

Mongrel’s Outlaw Oliver

26th May

Hotpot Tinkerbelle

Ch Doddsline Kristen

2nd June

Doddsline Doris

Hotpot Barney Rubble


Telpoolwyn Itneen

Ch Doddsline Kristen





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Doddsline Kristen

First Lancashire Heeler male Champion
Tests clear of CEA and PPL

His latest litter here
CEA clear and the first Heeler litter to be PLL tested

Congratulations also to
Hotpot Bryn
who is now a Norweigian and Danish Champion. The icing on the cake was that not only did Bryn take BOB he was also group 3, Well done Bryn and his owner Maria Winberg (Sweden).

Congratulations to Hotpot
Silent Whisper
and her owner Ellen Brekke (Norway), Whisp was BOS at the Norwegian Winner show 2008, in Hamar.

Hotpot Bryn became Norwegian champion 26/10/08
Congratulations to his owner Maria of kennel Tanspots (Sweden)

Hotpot Sparkle
for Leyside
CC and BoB
City of Birmingham
August 2008
judged by
Jack Bispham
Her 2nd CC of ‘08

Hell for Leather
at Perranfell

 3rd CC at
Welsh Kennel Club
August 2008

JUNE 2008
!Our latest arrivals! 3 litters of Doddsline and Hotpot pups
9 females
1 male

Hell for Leather

Dog CC and BoB
Manchester Ch Show

December 2007
Kaya (Hotpot Hot News) went to the Nordic winners show in Stockholm and went best of breed under Judge Steven Hall
Photo here

Hotpot Sparkle for Leyeside
Best bitch at the Lancashire Heeler Club show 23/9/07, age 7 1/2 months.

Hotpot Bryn
is Reserve Best Dog at Leeds 07, at 14 months

Lancashire Heeler Hotpot Bryn 9Y136D-6692